Our medicinary offers a comprehensive selection of supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies, tinctures and other products. We only work with companies that adhere to strict quality control standards and comply with Food Drug Administration’s Good Manufacturing Practices. We also make every attempt to adhere to the guidelines for sustainable use of medicinal plants.

Botanical Medicine

At NHC, we make use of both Eastern and Western botanical medicine philosophies and have the ability to create formulations in our medicinary personalized just for you. The art and science of using plants therapeutically is considered one of the oldest forms of healing, with a recorded history dating back more than 5,000 years! A large and continuously growing body of research on plant or botanical medicine demonstrates herbs to be safe and effective when properly utilized. Botanicals support a normal healthy function of our systems, promote longevity, and have a wide range of healing properties.

We use only the finest organic, ethically wildcrafted and highest grade quality plant extracts, glycerites, essential oils, capsules, salves, and suppositories. Our plant’s therapeutic qualities maybe aided with use of organic alcohol, certified kosher vegetable glycerine, organic apple cider vinegar, organic extra virgin olive oil, and/or mountain spring water.

Nutritional Supplements

In accordance with Congressional Findings (Section 2 of Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act -DSHEA): “…the importance of nutrition and the benefits of dietary supplements to health promotion and disease prevention have been documented increasingly in scientific studies.” Clinical nutrition involves use of vitamins, minerals, specialized diets, and other supplementation to target disease by modulating the body’s biochemical processes to enhance digestion, remove wastes, decrease inflammation and normalize immune function, target nutrient deficiencies, and promote healing.

At NHC, we utilize products from companies who rigorously monitor and test (both in-house and through an independent lab) ingredients at various points in the manufacturing process thus ensuring the highest quality, hypoallergenic dietary supplements available. We provide only pharmaceutical grade professional line products and can priority mail them right to your door.


A 300 year old medicine, homeopathy is based on the “law of similars”, like cures like. Homeopathic remedies prepared from serial dilutions of either plant, animal, or mineral substances act to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms. Homeopathy is quite a safe and effective tool for children as well as adults.