Visiting Natural Health Choices

Prior to your first office visit:

Fax the following to 716.873.8701:
• Any recent or pertinent bloodwork
• Imaging reports or consults

Bring to your appointment:

• A journal a the last 3-5 days prior to their visit of all food, snacks, and drinks
• Bring a list (as well as the actual bottle) of any medications and/or supplements you are currently taking
• Health form with personal and family medical history- you may want to speak with your family ahead of time and write down any pertinent information for your visit.

Initial consultation:

90 minutes
The initial office visit consists of an in-depth review of your health concerns and goals, as well as a Naturopathic or Chinese assessment. After reviewing and researching your case, a personalized wellness plan will be given at the end of your consultation.

Follow-up consultation:

45 minutes
Follow-up visits are scheduled to monitor your progress, answer any of your questions or concerns which have arisen and, if necessary, to refine and expand your plan of care. As you regain a sense of vitality, our visits will focus on health maintenance through the development of a personalized prevention plan.

Follow-up phone consultation:

Comprehensive phone consultations are available. These phone visits are scheduled like an in-person appointment and are charged the same as an in-person visit.

The frequency of your visits will depend on the severity of your illness, pace of your progress, the type of therapy you chose and the amount of support you need to implement your plan of care.